Dentist Hull Dental Hygiene

The hygiene department is goal oriented. Their goal is to help you " hold onto your teeth". They do this through patient education, professional cleanings, and home care instruction.


The first step towards a healthy periodontal attachment is to educate the patient. To facilitate the education of a patient the hygienist will use intraoral cameras , short video training tapes and digital x-rays that show the teeth and bone levels. In addition they will use the perio-probe to measure the level of attachment on each tooth.


The doctor and hygienist work together to create a plan for each individual patient. The treatment plan is based on the concept of a partnership with the patient. The 'team' can only reach their goal if everyone is vested in the process.


The second step is to create a healthy environment. This means that all plaque calculus and debris must be removed from the teeth. The hygenists and dentists at this office utilize hand instruments, ultrasonic scalers, the Prophy Jet and lasers to accomplish this task. Depending on the initial level of inflammation, plaque and calculus it may take 1 or more visits to accomplish this.


The third step involves the instruction in home care- brushing, flossing, the use of water piks , rotary tooth brushes and what ever is required to remove plaque from the teeth. Without instruction in home care, the removal of plaque and calculus will be only a temporary respite in the fight to control inflammation and the resultant loss of supporting bone for the teeth.


This office utilizes 2 full time hygienists and 3 part time hygienists.


If you have any questions, please email Dr. Locke.