Hull Veneers and Implants

diagnosis, treatment and maintenance

Our office utilizes some advanced equipment to help in diagnosis and treatment. The following lists that equipment:


  • Schick digital x-rays
  • The Planmeca system
  • Intraoral cameras
  • The Biolase laser
  • The prophy jet system
  • Cedata
  • Polycentric hinge articulator
  • Kinetic Cavity Prep
Schick Digital X-rays
The system utilizes detectors that are connected to the computer, resulting in the radiographs appearing on the screen within 15 seconds of their being taken. The system allows enhancement of the radiographs to glean as much information as...
The Planmeca System
The Planmeca system is a digitally operated system for taking radiographs. Because it uses digital technology the resultant dose to the patient is significantly less than those images that require chemical developing. In addition the system...
Intraoral Cameras
The intraoral camera gives us the capability of putting on the computer screen  a picture of your teeth , gums or area of pathology that we want you to see and understand.
The Biolase Laser
The Biolase brings us closer to painless dentistry. From a national survey 55% of patients did not need anesthetic for the given procedure. The method of cutting tooth structure is patented, it employs the laser energy to vaporize a stream of...
The Prophy Jet System
Cavitrons utilize high frequency vibrations to help remove tarter, plaque and calculus from the tooth and its roots. In addition the water spray flushes the debris from the area and is utilized to clean the teeth. If required a medicament can...
Polycentric Hinge Articulator
The true relationship of the teeth to the temporomandibular joint allows one to fabricate appliances that will work in the mouth under all the different paths the teeth can make as they function. The result is greater comfort for the patient...
Kinetic Cavity Prep
Utilizing aluminum oxide as an abrasive the KCP ( Kinetic Cavity Prep) creates an abrasive flow that can be utilized to remove decayed tooth structure and tooth structure in preparation for restorative procedures.