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Our office at 529 Nantasket Avenue in Hull, MA is situated on a peninsula that is located 17 miles Southeast of Boston. The major road from Boston to the Cape is route 3. From exit 14 ( Hingham, Cohasset, Hull) the office is approximately 10 miles. If traveling from the south at the exit ramp take a right. If traveling from the north at the exit ramp take a left. In both cases you will be on MA-228. The street will change its name as it passes through different towns (Hingham St, Pond St. Main St, East St., Summer St.) but will be MA-228 until you enter Hull and it turns into Nantasket Ave.. Once on Nantasket Ave. proceed by Nantasket Beach. When you come to a small war memorial park the road splits into Manomet Ave. and Nantasket Ave. Take the left hand fork to continue on Nantasket Ave.. From the monument the office is approximately 1/2 mile on the left. Once you pass Riddle's Supermarket, the post office and Sovereign Bank the office is in the next row of stores. A public parking area is located directly across the street. If you reach the stop light at the intersection of Kenberma and Nantasket Ave. you have gone too far.


Locke and White Dental Associates
Stephen A. Locke, DMD and Jessica L. White, DMD
529 Nantasket Ave
Hull, MA 02045
Phone: (781) 925-5100
Fax: (781) 925-9791
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