Hull Veneers and Implants


    Orthodontic treatment at this office incorporates the principles of Goal Oriented Treatment as originally put forward by the Roth - Williams Orthodontic Society. Specific goals we strive to reach are :

        Temporomandibular Joint  (TMJ) health
        Functional Occlusion
        Facial Balance
        Dental Esthetics
        Periodontal Health        
        Health of the Airway
        Stability of the new occlusion
        Resolution of Patient’s Chief Complaint

    If due to circumstances, time, finances, we are unable to achieve every goal, then the treatment is ‘Limited’. This does not mean that one is left with an unstable occlusion. It just means that an appliance will be necessary as a long term retention appliance in some cases.

    The sequence utilized to achieve “Your Goal” is to start out with an initial consult, proceed to records,which consist of impressions of one’s teeth,a face bow transfer and evaluation of the occlusion in the habitual bite and with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in its ideal skeletomuscular position, photos of the teeth and various x-rays to understand the skeletal relationships. With this information we review the goals as listed and present a treatment plan at the consult appointment. Our goal is to inform you of the options available, and let you decide on the final treatment plan - whether treatment is Complete or Limited.