Dentist Hull Your First Visit

What to expect at your first visit:

     * Forms can be printed and completed ahead of time
     * Directions are listed on-line
     * Parking and traffic can sometimes be tricky in the summer
     * Quarters are needed seasonally for on-street parking

What you need to bring:

     * Insurance information
     * Completed forms (if not come 15 minutes early)
     * List of all medications
     * Any Dr's note if special precautions are required
     * Any current x-rays
     * Any current treatment history including periochart
     * Kids under 18 must bring a parent/guardian

     Our goal at the first visit is to perform a thorough review of the medical history (includes blood pressure for adults), review past dental care and do an initial dental survey to determine what type of treatment is needed.

     A comprehensive exam with the Dr. is needed to create a thorough treatment plan for all needed care. X-rays are taken prior to this exam for proper diagnosis and pathology review. At this time a head and neck exam will also be performed which includes a TMJ exam, and an orthodontic evaluation can be done if requested.

     A professional dental cleaning is performed by one of our hygienist and includes:
      *Oral hygiene instruction/ education
     * Oral cancer screening
     * Coronal polishing and initial subgingival currettage  (if required)
     * Flouride varnish (if age appropriate)
     *  Periocharting
     * X-rays if required

     Every patient is unique, so our first visit together will help us customize your care.